Effect of Asia-Pacific Stock Index And Exchange Rate Movements on Stock Price Index in Indonesia Stock Exchange

Suprihati ,


This research has aimed to illustrate the effect of Stock Market Index Asia Pacific (Kospi, Taiex, HSI, Nikkei) and the exchange rate against Indonesia stock exchange  either partially or simultaneously on the Indonesia Stock Exchange. The sample used in this study is the Stock Market Index Asia Pacific and the exchange rate, sample consisted 430 samples. The analyses used in this study were multiple linear regressions. Partially share price index Kospi Asia Pacific market and HSI affect the Indonesia stock exchange while the Taiex and Nikkie no effect influence on Indonesia stock exchange. The rupiah exchange rate has no effect on Indonesia stock exchange. Simultaneously stock market price index of Asia Pacific (Kospi, Taiex, HSI and Nikkie) as well as the exchange rate together affects the IHS in Indonesia stock exchange.

Key Words : Kospi, Taiex, HSI, Nikkei, Exchange Rate, Composite Stock Price  Index

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