LQR and Tuned PID Controller Design and Simulation for Aircraft Pitch Control Using MALTAB

Satbir Malik , Surinder Singh


This paper presents a MATLAB based comparative analysis between classical and modern controller for a control system which are based on a pitch of an aircraft system and time response specification performance. The controller designed on the basis of dynamic modeling of the system that demonstrate the derivation of mathematical model for presenting the longitudinal motion of the aircraft. Pitch angle for an aircraft system is developed by using PID controller, LQR controller. By using MATLAB, we will tune the parameters of the PID controller and also minimize the IAE(Integral Absolute Error), ISE(Integral Square Error), ITAE(Integral Time Absolute Error) in estimation tool manager. Simulation result presents the response of Pitch Controller and in step response. Finally the step response of the pitch angle control system is demonstrated and analysis based on a common criterion of response of the system in order to identify which control strategy provides the better performance with the desire trajectory of the pitch angle control system. From the simulation it is clear that LQR controller performance is better as compared to PID controller.

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