Obesity increase the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome

Eman A Shakir, Zainab Nazar


Background and Purpose

 Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is one of the furthermost common compression neuropathies of the upper limbs.  Although its etiology is not well unknown, certain disorders are usually associated with CTS, such as diabetes mellitus, obesity, trauma, arthritis, hypothyroidism, amyloidosis, and some types of jobs. We aimed to evaluate the association between the obesity in form of BMI and the severity of nerve conduction impairment in carpal tunnel syndrome patients.


Twenty eight female patients with a clinically and electrophysiological established diagnosis of CTS were incorporated in the study. Their demographic characteristics and severity of CTS were analyzed .Twenty two age matched healthy women were used as control group.


Significant positive correlation between BMI and sensory latency of median nerve was found (p< 0.02)


CTS seems to be more severe in patients with high body mass index.

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