Design and Simulation of Broadband Trapezoidal Shaped antenna for WLAN/WiMAX Applications

Davinder Parkash Chechi


A broadband CPW-fed trapezoidal shaped antenna has been designed and simulated for WLAN/WiMAX applications. The 10 dB wide impedance bandwidth is ranging from 5.06 GHz to 7.58 GHz, with peak frequency at 6.3 GHz. The proposed antenna exhibits multi-bands or broadband characteristics which cover some of the upper frequency bands of WLAN standard at 5.2/5.8 GHz and WiMAX standard at 5.5 GHz. A parametric study is conducted to optimize the antenna design parameters. The omni-directional radiation pattern is observed across the operating bandwidth. The proposed antenna has a maximum gain of 4.6 dBi at 6.6 GHz frequency band.

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